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Update – 04-01-2018

My surgery went well and I am in the throes of physical therapy.  This is more painful than the surgery.

Surgery was Jan 23rd 2018.   Before that I had to remodel the master bathroom.  My wife is very happy with the results.

March 2017 – Sept 2017

The short story is that I took the bathroom down to the studs, installed cement board, waterproofed it, added a bunch of lighting, installed a 6′ X 42″ whirlpool tub, 35″x42″ shower, a bunch of marble tile, a bit of drywall, and painted it all.  The electric went from one switch by the door to 4 dimmers.

IThat turned into a several month project.  Removing the whirlpool tub, shower, soffit and wall was easy.  A Milwaukee Saws-All  made short work of it.  The roughed in plumbing and electrical for the lighting took almost a month to complete.   Anyway,  the tub,shower, tiling, plumbing and electrical are done. There is more to do but  phase 1 is done.  I have to get back to taking care of my customers.

I have reorganized the shop, built up my inventory of all the various bits and pieces that are needed.   Some of the parts I make are the special drawbars, special drawbar nuts, pulley nuts, pulleys, dust shields, preload spacers, thrust washers, and more.

I also have an inventory of rebuilt cartridges for sale including solid spindle cartridges.  For more information about Delta solid spindle cartridges, please click here.

I have a new phone number.  Hopefully it will be an improvement.  The number is (817) 755-0202 You can text to that number too.

Other improvements are text messages regarding your order status.

The shop and e-store will open November 1st and orders can be placed then.  If you have any questions, please call me between 8am and 5pm CT.

All the best to and yours….



PS.  Here are some pictures of the shower part of the project.

First the roughed in shower plumbing.


Here is the mostly completed shower.

Everyone asks “What are all the knobs for?”  The large center one adjusts the water temp only.  The smaller ones around it control the rain shower head, the standard shower head, the hand shower and the 4 body sprays.  My wife loves it as she can take a shower and not get her hair wet.  The fixtures are all Moen.  Do not buy Moen from a big box store.  The fixtures sold there are a cheap version of the seemingly same thing you get from a plumbing supply house.  The model numbers are different.  Moen is very high quality and is superbly engineered.  The temperature control is thermostatically controlled.  For as long as you have hot water, the shower temp stays at whatever you set it to. This is the Moen Icon style is chrome.  I can’t believe what brushed nickel costs.

For more pictures click HERE!



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The store is OPEN! My surgery went well and have "Light Duty" orders from my doc but am able to work in the shop. Dismiss