Cartridge Rebuild – Delta, Powermatic, etc.

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Our most popular item and not just Delta. Powermatic, Grizzly, Steel City, Delta X/Platinum, Northwood, and the Delta original HD are just some of the shaper cartridges that we rebuild. *Limited lifetime warranty.*

Please note that there will be an extra charge for replacing missing dust shield, pulley, cartridge body – aka bearing retaining nut, or pulley nut.  New Woodruff keys and locking washers are furnished with the rebuild.

To send in your cartridge, ship it to:

Richard Andrews

A&E Tool Order # <your order number>

1406 Summer Dell Ct.

Roanoke TX  76262

For removal instructions, packing tips, etc. please   

For those that want their Powermatic oiled cartridge converted to oil-free, I will do that at the same time and at no extra charge.

Rebuilding a cartridge can be a time consuming process. Some of the problems I have seen are:

Rusted and frozen arbors.
Worn arbors
Worn pulleys
Missing pulley nuts.
Missing dust shields.
Improperly threaded bodies.
Missing bearing retainer nuts.

Except for badly worn arbors, I can repair and rebuild any spindle cartridge. This includes cartrdiges made by Delta, POwermatic, Invicta, Northwood, Grizzly, and more.

In general the cost to rebuild is $125. The exception is very large Invicta/Delta. Those usually cost between $200 and $300 to rebuild. The reason is that it takes two men to handle that beast, pack it, etc.

The typical Delta cartridge rebuild consists of the following.
1 – teardown and inspect – note any missing pieces.
2 – clean and derust the body.
3 – clean and derust the arbor.
4 – remove indexing pin.
5 – polish, deburr or regrind the tapered spindle seat.
6 – derust the bore.
7 – reset the index pin.
8 – derust the pulley.
9 – straighten, polish, or replace missing dust shield.
10 – make new internal preload spacers.
11 – install new bearings and new preload spacers.
12 – re-assemble with new locking washer.
13 – static test bearing preload, drag, and runout.
14 – speed test.
15 – install dust shield, pack and ship.

I require that all rebuilds be prepaid via paypal or check. Cartridges received without payment will not be worked on until payment is received. If you need instant turnaround, let me know. Arrangements can be made so that your downtime is minimized.

Turnaround time is typically 2-3 days.
Limited lifetime warranty. Contact me for details.

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